Mega Event!!

Written 5 months ago
7/03/2019 Mega PvP Event at 20:30 (CET Time)


Written 5 months ago

-Balanced map exp level 55-80, decreased mobs respawn time and added more.
-Increased stats equip level 15 (Start) Now you can buy direct r8 +10.
-Now on raid Fernon box's, you can drop 2 box, one with shells pvp armor level 150 to r0 at r8, and one for the wea pon shells
-Later much thinking and one poll, the reputation got resetted, now all players have the possibi lity to make hight results!

Mega Update:

Written 6 months ago

-Added new item called "Peluche", this item give 10 website itemshop coins if you use, you can drop items for craft on Exp Maps 55+, npc for craft the Peluche is at port alveus, i ts called "Craft Peluche (Coins)".

Christmas Promo!

Written 8 months ago

Special Christmas Promo started on ItemShop coins packet, +50% on everything!

Promo end 30/12/2018


Written 8 months ago
-Reworked all exp map, mob damage and life;
-Fixxed 2x server crash;
-Now on all maps you can drop "Random item Box" (None green box);
-Now on hero map you can drop shells purple box;
-Added new "section" at port for farm seeds of power;
-Removed reputation farm on map craft 4 class sp.
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