New Big Update

Written 1 year ago
-Rewrited the general damage calculation so the bugged damage problems got all resolved,
-Added 5 new prestiges who give new Rare runes,
-Patched the act4 raids, when you reach the 100% the raids starts correctly,
-Ended 2x Raid Box event and its started the -50% on rep medals crafting,
-Increased the general server stability,
-Now when you have the "Wings of the air" you recive a very strong buff,
-Rewrited the aoe system, for a more fluid gameplay.

I hope you will have fun, soon we will release other news, stay tuned!

3 Years Update:

Written 2 years ago
Act7 is finnally released!
We have added all the new act7 maps and mobs, but you can join the new act only when you have reached the prestige 30, the level 225 and the hero level 70.
Soon we will release all the new 225 Equip thats is droppable and craftable from the items in the act7. Go and enjoy!
Also if you don't wanna do prestige and exp all that hero level to join, you can just buy this "Act 7 instant join key" for immediately acces with any level and any prestige you have.
We have finally resolved the lag problems.

Mega Update:

Written 2 years ago
-Rebalanced ALL Equips,
-Complete reworked 195 equip (We have tested it),
-195 Equip is on discount itemshop,
-Released 195 Shells on itemshop (Only for today at -50% of price).
-Re-Elaborate PvP system (Finally),
-Added friend wings limitation on exp map,
-Added new mobs on auto-event with very good drops,
-Now Lily of purity are tradable,
-Nerfed mobs on prestige map and buff Glacerous,
-Solved act4 problems,
-Ended reputation event,
-Now all family have 300 players slots, dont need buy expansions.

New Big Update:

Written 2 years ago
-Created New Npc called "Craft Raid Rewards" for craft Onyx wings, Titan/Mega Wings and 150 shells box,
you can drop items for craft on raid: Draco - Valakus - Kertos - Fafnir - Fernon.
-Removed useless drops from act4 mobs.
-Nerfed mobs on map "Martial Sp Items".
-Increased Magic Juaguar speed.
-Increased Fairy exp Rate.

New Big Update:

Written 2 years ago
-Nerf Raid Erenia and Zenas,
-Now you can craft 500% to 1000% Erenia fairy dropping items on all Act4 Mobs.
-Now you can craft Zenas fairy 300% to 1000% Dropping eggs on raid.

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