10 Months Together!

Written 1 month ago

Today NosAdvanced make 10 months! Thanks at all for the daily support!

Mega Update:

Written 4 months ago
-Rebalanced ALL Equips,
-Complete reworked 195 equip (We have tested it),
-195 Equip is on discount itemshop,
-Released 195 Shells on itemshop (Only for today at -50% of price).
-Re-Elaborate PvP system (Finally),
-Added friend wings limitation on exp map,
-Added new mobs on auto-event with very good drops,
-Now Lily of purity are tradable,
-Nerfed mobs on prestige map and buff Glacerous,
-Solved act4 problems,
-Ended reputation event,
-Now all family have 300 players slots, dont need buy expansions.

New Big Update:

Written 8 months ago
-Created New Npc called "Craft Raid Rewards" for craft Onyx wings, Titan/Mega Wings and 150 shells box,
you can drop items for craft on raid: Draco - Valakus - Kertos - Fafnir - Fernon.
-Removed useless drops from act4 mobs.
-Nerfed mobs on map "Martial Sp Items".
-Increased Magic Juaguar speed.
-Increased Fairy exp Rate.

New Big Update:

Written 8 months ago
-Nerf Raid Erenia and Zenas,
-Now you can craft 500% to 1000% Erenia fairy dropping items on all Act4 Mobs.
-Now you can craft Zenas fairy 300% to 1000% Dropping eggs on raid.

New Big Update:

Written 9 months ago
-Now the max level is 225,
-Added new npc for craft erenia fairy using erenia eggs,
-Created new map for exp level 225, for join is necessary have level 195 and prestige 5,
-Increased the % of fernon raid shells drop,
-Increased experience drop on map 175-195.

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