1. No Private Messaging advertising or channel advertising.

2. Don’t threaten or provoke any staff, this could lead to a ban.

3. Don’t try to @everyone. It’s a punishable offense if caught.

4. Don’t tag any staff roles. Use dashboard ticket system or our discord ticket chat.

5. No IP grabbing, doxing or threatening to ddos any members.

6. No spamming.

7. No nudity/gore or disturbing images unless in designated channel.

8. Keep all racist jokes to yourself.

9. Keep all political comments to yourself.

10. Don’t ask people to join your server or mention it.

11. Don’t be loud and annoying in any of the voice channels.

12. Don’t argue with members at all. You’ll be punished.

13. Don’t say anything rude in voice channels.

14. Do not ask when the server will open, when the time comes, the staff will have you.

15. Multi account max. 4 account for player.

17. One player spam in other server?contact @Umbe in pvt and send one screen (permaban to the discord server).

18. Private ask for create server help= ban.

19. Multi account in event and raid= ban.

20. Steal Mobs at players= 10 minutes mute!

21. Speak only english in game chat, if you ignore= 30 minutes mute!

22. Use third part programs = perma ban.

23. Pretend to be a staff member = perma ban.

24. Dont ask on discord server for join on the staff.

25. In the case of players stealing items, gold or other, we assume no responsibility and we are not forced to reimburse the lost items.

26. Sell/Buy items for other server comport a permanent ban.
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