1. Don’t threaten or provoke any member, this could lead to a ban.

2. Spamming of Flooding is not allowed on our chat portals.

3. Send nudity or disturbing photos can comport a ban.

4. Keep all racist jokes to yourself.

5. Keep all political comments to yourself.

6. Don’t ask people to join your server or mention it.

7. Don’t argue with members at all. You’ll be punished.

8. Don’t say anything rude in voice channels.

9. Multi account is guaranteed for a maximum of 4 accounts per person, except for raids and events, in which it is banned.

10. Don't ask at any staff member informations about a server creation, this can comport a ban from our chat portals.

11. Steal Mobs at other players can result in serious penalties.

12. Speak only english in game chat, ignore this rule can comport serious penalties.

13. All thirds-parts software, hack or cheat is banned. If you dont answer after 20 seconds we are authorized to ban you.

14. Pretending to be a member of staff is strictly prohibited.

15. Is forbidden to ask to join the staff.

16. In the case of players stealing items, gold or other, we assume no responsibility and we are not forced to reimburse the lost items.

17. Sell/Buy items for real money comport a permanent ban.

18. Anyone who abuses skills such as teleportation to disturb other players will be penalized.

19. It is strictly forbidden starts Act7 raids outside the Act7 raid zone, this rule violation comport a permanent ban.
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